Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Guerilla Knitting

Right now Germany's biggest International Students Week takes place at Ilmenau! According to this year's slogan "Moving YOUth" many workshops and discussions are happening. I joined a "Guerilla Knitting" workshop held by the artists and 'textil' activists Klaus Dietl and Stephanie Müller. They showed us how to knit with our hands.

Let's go crafty! :D


Second project was to knit a tree. Fun for all participants!

And the result!

What I liked about the workshop is that knitting was shown from a totally different, modern, creative and rebellious viewpoint. I like the way how both artists perceive their environment as an artistic play ground - everything can be knitted - it depends on your creativity!

Stephanie Möller told us that there exist also several urban knitting groups that not only present their knit art but leave little messages like poems to communicate with the people.

Knitting-Flashmob in Frankfurt am Main

If you want to know more about Urban Knitting and the political backgrounds, go to

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