Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Traveling Dresden-Neustadt

Back from a trip through Dresden-Neustadt with a lot of creative input. :D I've visited many lovely shops with unique products. Love the shop-traveling through special parts of the city because behind every shop and its products, there is a special character:

I like this tiny Maytroshka teabag. There were lots of other ethnic culture bag clips, e.g. inuit. Got this from the FengShui-Haus Dresden.

In Dresden-Neustadt there is a place called "Kuhpassage" where you can find many small and specialized shops to buy original and individual presents for friends and famly or just a little present maybe for yourself? Shops range from tea specialized shops to paper specialized shops where I bought this wonderful notebook from Jackie Paper... well as the 3-layered masking tape.

And to "catch" the spring I also bought this wonderful poster from British designer Emily Burningham.

And last but not least these cute paper stars from Danish Rie Elise Larsen to decorate my little "tree".

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