Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Duck Competition

On the weekend in Ilmenau 'everything' was about DUCKS: The annual Ilmenauer Duck Competition, organized by the Bergfest e.V., took place and every Ilmenauer was invitied to design his own duck.

Within the competition the Ducks were priced within three areas: For being the most beautiful, the fastest and the most technical duck.

What I like most about this event, is that people get VERY creative, when they design their individual duck. Every little duck mirrors a special character. When I thought about what my duck should look like, I totally know that I wanted to design an Indian duck. So we bought some felt and material for getting crafty - but my material looked more like a "princess duck" - nevertheless this was the result - a pink-ethno duck. :D

And here are some impressions of the Duck Competition and the creativity of the Ilmenauer in DUCK DESIGN. More pictures you can see on my Flickr.

*naknaknak* Starting Point. Bye bye little ducks, good journey!

Very modern and crazy Duck design *thumbsup*

Pippi Lotta

Warm Costume

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