Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

Let's take a photo!

It's christmas tiiiiiime and for a present for a friend, everything was about PHOTOGRAPHY. 

For packaging I used a cake box, printed tiny cameras and put them together with drawn pennants in a garland. On the upper site of the box I put the name of the photography brand of the friend and on the left and the right side I sticked a quote which to my mind really fits the personality of the photographer and is haunting - "eyes like a shutter - mind like a lens". I like it. :)

I filled the box with homemade cookies, but to 'pimp up' the typical christmas tree and bells, I used cookie letter stampers from Tchibo. With the help of the letters I branded every cookie with the name of the photographer. Then I put them in a tiny plastic pocket and wrote again a little phrase on it which is related to photography but also to the food.

And as the "main" present I ordered a funny thing from design3000 - an Online Shop which really offers crazy products. :D I bought an egg timer which looks like a lens and wrote "freeze the time" on it - again connected to the overall issue "photography". 

Inside the box I put cotton wool which is a little cue on the coooold winter filled with lovely warm presents - for me it was really fun to create the present and the packaging. :)

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