Freitag, 9. November 2012

Let's neon, baby!

For a neon theme party at a students club I prepared some decoration and sweets. 

The first I was thinking about: "There have to be cupcakes! GLOWING cupcakes." What followed then, was lots of experimenting. I found only one recipe in the Internet with Tonic Water and Jello! I tried it out but to be honest - It didn't look aesthetic. :D Fortunately I got some "powder" (Illuzon and Fluorescin) which are usually used for coloring cocktails in neon. I used them to color the frosting of the cupcake and it worked out! Finally I've decorated the frosting with a little flag of neon paper on which I printed the logo of the club.

And from the chocolate cookbook of the British "sweet" company  I got some further inspiration for the neon sweets. :-) They look like 'reversed' CakePops and are made of sponge cake, jelly and darc chocolate couverture. I've taken wooden sticks, colored them with glowing-in-the-dark-acrylic-colors and then colored again tiny cupcake liners as 'dinner mat'.

The neon-painted cardboard letters of the club name in the first picture as well as the glowing-in-the-dark-acrylic-colors I've bought at the idee. creativemarkt.

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