Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Hello New Zealand

Back from an exciting trip around New Zealand I couldn't resist walking through creative and individual shops in every city and buy this cute little souvenirs.

(1) Print Kiwi - Verge Gallery //Taupo, (2) Wooden Postcard - Kapa Design //Queenstown, (3) Penguin Paperclips - Monsterthreads //Auckland, (4) NZ Identity wallet - Gifted Design//Wanaka

New Zealand souvenirs are mostly influenced by natural symbols like the national bird Kiwi or the national leaf and other typical animals of the country like sheeps, birds and fishes. But also souvenirs that combine the nature and pop culture of New Zealand can be found in the shops like the creative print below of the New Zealand Artist Jason Kelly.

It shows the wingless bird Kiwi with the typical New Zealand shoes - the Flip Flops - and a quote "Better than bare feet - Fandalastic". Jason Kelly developed a whole series about New Zealand which uses many typical characteristics of the country in a creative way like the Hokey Pokey ice cream, Surfing or Hitchhiking. In describing his series he says:
I create these works as a homage to NZ, in respect to its people and proudly what makes us Kiwis. Jason Kelly

Besides the nature the Maori culture is another important characteristic that is reflected in the New Zealand souvenirs - much jewellery for example shows the typical Maori Tiki (picture above) which is a symbol for luck and fertility. Most of the tikis are worn by the Maori in greenstone necklaces. I bought a wooden postcard with the cutted pieces of a Tiki I had to put together by myself.

And last but not least I bought this paper clips in the shape of a penguin <3 produced by the Japanese company Midori. Have a look at there whole series, there are many different cute clips available like whales, crocodiles or elephants.

And this wallet I've bought due to its lovely and friendly colours and the combination of typical New Zealand symbols like the birds, flip flops, vans and typical New Zealand and Maori quotes like "Sweet as" (Great), "Aroha" (Love), "Kia Ora" (Welcome/Hello) and "Aotearoa" (New Zealand).

If you want to buy some lovely, modern and individual products in New Zealand for your friends, family and yourself, I really recommend the shops below to you!

Monsterthreads - 161 Karangahape Road
The Yellow Brick Road - 158 Ponsonby Road
The Bread and Butter Letter - 225 Karangahape Road

Verge Gallery29 Tongariro Street

Gifted Design - 19 Helwick Street

Kapa Design29 Rees Street

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