Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

About Me

I'm Katja, 25 years old and I've studied Media and Communication Science at the University of Technology Ilmenau, a place in the wonderful small state Thuringia in lovely Germany.

I love creative and artistic baking, crafts, travelling, sport, nature and discovering new places. I love browsing the whole wide world for new and fresh designing and product ideas. I love people who surprise with uncommon, innovative and individual ideas.

That's why I write this blog: I want to give creativity a place. This blog introduces artists and people I 'met' on my way and who fascinate me with what they do. But this blog is also a place for my own creativity, to show you my discoveries, thoughts and impressions of my journeys.

I hope one day this blog will become a place of inspirative and creative exchange and giving to all of you a piece of "joy of life" I feel within this creativity.

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